Malnutrition and hunger are two of the primary risks to health throughout the world, even greater than tuberculosis, AIDS and malaria combined. Millions of individuals in the world today are undernourished, which means that one in every eight individuals don’t obtain enough food to live an active life. With this, World Food Program has been established to solve hunger and increase productivity in various communities.

World Food Organizations is the largest humanitarian institution in the world, dedicated to fighting hunger and reducing poverty in all parts of the world. Each year, the institution is delivering food assistance to millions of people all over the world. This actually includes people in places that are prone to famine, drought and natural calamities. It also includes many innocent families that are caught in the middle of political conflicts and refugees are forced to leave their homes under perilous conditions. This likewise includes millions of children and women who usually bear the hardships of severe poverty.

Providing Solutions to Fight Hunger

World Food Program is working together with communities and people each day in order to increase a long-term food security for those populations that are vulnerable to hunger throughout the world. They provide innovative solutions by providing school meals to many hungry children to improve the nutrition of these vulnerable individuals at the most crucial times and to help establish self-reliance of communities and people.

The World Food Program’s Projects

World Food Program establishes development and post-emergency operations around innovative projects that specialize in eliminating poverty and preventing hunger to enhance the overall quality of life of people. The remarkable projects created by World Food Program allow the poor to end their worries about their next meal. Their programs can also help those underprivileged individuals establish a sustainable future for their communities, their families and their lives. They built several programs to end this global problem.

World Food Program knows that there are a lot of different ways to prevent hunger today and in the future. They build several projects to solve the problem such as the following:

-          School meal projects: this is to encourage many families to always keep their children in school to help them establish a better future.

-          Food for Assets Projects: this pays the hungry with food, so they would no longer need to be worried about their next meal.

-          Purchase for Progress Program: this helps many poor farmers connect to dependable markets to obtain great prices for their produce.

-          Softening the Blow of AIDS and HIV through food rations

-          Focus on Women: the organization has special commitment to help women obtain equal access to their basic necessities in life.

Hunger is a problem that can always be solved. There is actually enough food for everyone in the world and there is no any scientific breakthrough required. The policies, tools and knowledge that are combined with the political will can always solve the issue. When communities work together, this problem can be solved, creating economic opportunities and increasing productivity.

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AmeriCares is a humanitarian aid and disaster relief organization that provides immediate response to urgent medical needs and supports long-term healthcare for all people in the U.S. and throughout the world. Founded in 1982, the non-profit organization has delivered over $11 billion in medical supplies, medicines, as well as in humanitarian aid to over 164 countries worldwide in response to civil conflicts, disasters, and ongoing shortage to areas suffering in poverty.

While its headquarters is in Stamford, Connecticut, AmeriCares has offices in Sri Lanka, Colombo, Haiti Sendai, Japan, Port-au-Prince, and Mumbai in India. The organization has three operating houses in the U.S., India, and Europe.

AmeriCares’ purpose is to organize emergency response teams capable of delivering urgently needed medical aid to survivors of disasters across the world. Such aid is not limited to medicines and medical supplies. The aid that the organization provides includes clean water through water purification treatments and other resources critically needed by survivors.

Emergency Response

In 2012, after Hurricane Sandy, the organization has delivered medicines, medical supplies, as well as emergency supplies to over 400,000 people in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. The non-profit organization continues to provide medical relief to victims of the disaster through its mobile medical clinics. This effort is to assist healthcare facilities unable to provide medical help to patients due to power outages that result from storm damage. In 2011, AmeriCares has sent nearly $6 million worth of medical supplies and humanitarian aid to Japan after the disastrous earthquake and tsunami that took the country to wreck and havoc.

AmeriCares Global Medical Assistance

In response to disasters happening in different counties worldwide, AmeriCares continues to deliver medical aid and supplies including over-the-counter and prescription medicines, surgical and wound care supplies, nutritional supplements, diagnostics and laboratory equipment, and hospital supplies.

With the support of financial and corporate donors, AmeriCares has sent aid to different institutions through partnering with organizations based in the U.S. and countries worldwide. These institutions include general and specialty hospitals, hospice residences, community health programs, home for children and elderly, and rehabilitation centers.

The nonprofit organization works to build new and improve existing healthcare programs targeting specific health concerns including child health, maternal health, cholera, malnutrition, and chronic diseases.


The nonprofit organization has a long term commitment to fiscal responsibility and is consistently receiving high rankings from the Charity Navigator due to its transparency and accountability. Nearly 97% of AmeriCares’ expenses go to direct support to programs and reliefs to those people most in need of help. The organization meets the standards of the Better Business Bureau for charity accountability. With AmeriCares’ combined resources and expertise, donations from financial groups and corporate organizations are multiplied many times.


AmeriCares is looking for individuals who are ready to be given responsibilities and who take initiatives in solving problems. At the organization, new employees will work with compassionate and smart colleagues, be a part of the organization’s mission, and be eligible for benefits. AmeriCares offers fulfilling careers as well as allows its employees to take part in its humanitarian missions.


While there are prosperous communities in this world that are able to provide the needs of their members and offer great opportunities to people, there are also some unfortunate areas, living in chaos and difficulties. They are living in crisis and life seems to be so cruel to make their everyday situation even worse. The great news is that there are many non-government organizations that are committed to helping improve the quality of their life and help them see the world in a better view. One of those organizations is Medair.

Medair is a charitable organization dedicated to relieving human suffering in various remote and devastated areas in the world. They are helping many people all over the world that are experiencing difficulties in life survive and establish a better life for their future. Their humanitarian works are inspired by faith, allowing them to have strength and the courage to go on and strive to reach their goals even when they are in perilous situations.

Medair is working together with communities in order to leave a long lasting positive impact. They save lives in times of emergencies and stay in various communities to help them recover and get out of their difficult situation and live a better life that they always deserve.

Medair’s Core Activities

Medair is an international humanitarian institution, committed to providing emergency recovery and relief services to a lot of people. Their core activities center in three main areas: Shelter and Infrastructure, Health and Nutrition, and Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene. They have many programs running in various countries throughout the world in order to spread their works and bring help to a lot of communities worldwide.

One of their focus is one Health and Nutrition that is why they have been providing nutrition and health care services to every family in need in some devastated and remote communities. They have teams of qualified doctors as well as healthcare professionals who have also been actively involved in Medair’s global effort to lessen child morality.

The organization is also providing water, sanitation and hygiene to save lives. Medair knows the fact that there are many communities that do not have safe and clean drinking water and do not even have knowledge about those simple hygiene practices. For this reason, the organization is educating families and providing trainings on proper hygiene practices. They also help improve the community’s access to safe and clean drinking water.

Shelter is also the organization’s main priority in an emergency that is why they are always involved in building and repairing infrastructures to help individuals recover from crisis.

Medair knows that everyone deserves to live a better life that is why they are continuously striving to help people no matter how difficult their situations might be. This humanitarian organization has been bringing recovery and relief to a lot of individuals in crisis, regardless of the nationality, race and creed. Their main priority is to cater the needs of many people from different parts of the world.


Poverty is one of the main problems of many communities in different parts of the world that is why many organizations such as Oxfam have been working together to resolve this global issue and increase the quality of life of people.

Oxfam is actually an international confederation of seventeen organizations working together in almost ninety-four countries throughout the world to find the best solutions to resolve poverty. The primary goal of the organization is to allow individuals to exercise their rights and learn to manage their lives to shape a better future. Oxfam has been working directly with many different communities from all parts of the world and ensure that underprivileged people can improve their lives.

One out of three persons in the world is living in poverty. Oxfam believes that everyone deserves to live a better life that is why they are very determined to make great changes in the world through mobilizing the great power of individuals against poverty. The organization has been consistently working throughout the world in order to find practical and innovative ways for people to survive and escape poverty.

Oxfam saves lives and helps people rebuild their livelihood, especially when calamities strike. In everything they do, Oxfam is working together with partner organizations and with every member community to make an end to injustices that are the main root of poverty.

Fight Poverty and Save Lives

Oxford knows that the injustice of poverty actually demands a practical and powerful response in order to address its roots as well as its impact on the lives of many people. For this reason, the organization has been centering all their efforts to increase the quality of life of individuals in all parts of the world and to fight poverty. They weave six valuable strategies to overcome poverty and help individuals claim their rights.

Oxford envisions a just world that is free from poverty. Their vision is world where all people can influence decisions that affect the quality of their lives, benefit from their rights and live in a world where all human beings are treated equally and greatly valued.

In order to achieve their goals of ending poverty, the organization is using a combination of sustainable development programs, advocacy, campaigns, Fair Trade, public education as well as humanitarian assistance in conflicts and disasters that are based on the rights of people. They also work with other communities to achieve their purpose to empower and strengthen people.

Oxfam acknowledges the great importance of active citizenship, gender justice, good governance, transparency, diversity and efficiently responding to the different crises that confront many vulnerable societies as well as developing countries.

This international organization has been working together with people and communities to secure their rights and live in a just world. They also help address the main cause of poverty together with communities and organizations. They employ different programs designed to improve people’s lives and enjoy their rights. They stand together against injustice and are committed to eliminating poverty in all communities all over the world.

Caritas International is a confederation of relief development and social development organizations that operate in over 200 counties across the world. The purpose of Caritas is to work to build a better world for those people in need, especially in the poor and oppressed countries. Established in Germany in 1897 by Lorenz Worthmann, Caritas has different movements worldwide today.


The primary objectives of Caritas in any country or territory are to protect each person in his/her dignity. Caritas follows the rule that every person is a unique individual and has a God-given dignity that must not be violated. This results in carrying the obligation to respect as well as to respect life from the beginning to end. The most specific and highest goal of Caritas work is to protect people, especially those who are weak and disadvantaged from exclusion, societal exploitation, and misuse and show to them how they can help themselves.

All Caritas around the world work to help people live in solidarity with each other. A variety of interpersonal relationships help fulfill human existence including in the family, in the neighborhood, at work, in the political groups, as well as in co-existence of various interest groups and opinions, religions, and cultures. All Caritas must support this variety and strive to provide solidarity amongst people of good will.

Caritas aims to fulfill obligations across borders. People can obtain a life of dignity if justice, peace, and freedom are guaranteed worldwide and if human life is respected as well as preserved. This is the reason why Caritas all over the world commits to the adherence to human rights and to establish minimal social standards. All Caritas in each country and territory worldwide support and promote the work of autonomous local, independent partner organizations.


The work of all Caritas is to help people in need – human need. Caritas works to provide physical, spiritual, psychological and material aid, and other needs that require interpersonal assistance. The charity must give priority in helping individuals who are not capable of looking for adequate help at all from their social security systems as well as from their personal contacts.

Caritas uses a holistic approach to helping people. A person’s spiritual and psychological situation as well as hi/her surroundings are integrated into the kind of support that the person receives. The person in need is not just provided with aid, but also encouraged to take part and exert effort to changing his/her current life situation. Caritas works to support those in need to find their way for fair opportunities, become responsible, and obtain a life of independence, eventually.

Caritas contributes to the professionalization of social work. Charities have qualified staff members and implement practical concepts in order to get the work done and provide aid to those most in need. A charity continually improves the qualifications of its volunteer and professional staff members through continuing education and goal oriented trainings.

With scientific publications as well as immediate exchange between practice and theory, Caritas makes an independent contribution to the development of standards to various fields of social work, as well as the acts of charity.


Established in 1863, the International Red Cross woks worldwide in order provide humanitarian aid to people suffering from problems due to armed violence and conflicts as well as to promote the laws protecting the victims of war. The IRC is a neutral and independent organization where its mandates stem from the Geneva Convention of 1949.

The International Red Cross was founded as a result of the works of a Swiss, Henry Dunant, at the battle of Solferino. During the battle, thousands of wounded Italian, French, and Austrian soldiers were left without enough medical care. In 1862, Henry Dunant wrote the book “A Memory of Solferino”, which has been adopted by the Geneva Convention and laid out the rules to protecting wounded medics and soldiers, as well as the creation of different relief societies in every country. These relief societies were later known as Red Cross Societies, which refers to a universal emblem what was adopted in order to protect medic units.

Red Cross Fundamental Principles

The fundamental principles of the IRC were proclaimed at the 20th International Conference of the Red Cross in Vienna. The IRC fundamental principles were later adopted by 25th International Conference of the Red Cross, in Geneva on 1986.


The IRC and RCM were born with the desire of bringing assistance to the wounded in the battlefields without discrimination. The IRC has the national and international capacity to alleviate and prevent human suffering to places it can be found. The purpose of the organization is protecting life and health as well as to ensure respect to every human being. The organization aims to promote mutual understanding, cooperation, friendship, and eternal peace among people or group of people.


The IRC makes no discrimination to race, nationality, class or political opinions, or religious beliefs. The organization endeavors to help relieve the suffering of people; guide them by their needs, as well as give priority to those most in distress.


The IRC is an independent Movement. Its national societies and auxiliaries in humanitarian services in each country as well as other institutions subject to the laws of their counties always maintain autonomy in order for them to be able to act in accordance with the IRC principles at all times.


For IRC movements in each country to continue to enjoy the confidence of all, they should not take sides or engage in any hostilities at any cause of controversies of a racial, ideological, religious, or political nature.


There should be a single Red Crescent Society or Red Cross movement in each country and it must be open to all. The Movement should carry the humanitarian missions throughout the country’s territory.


All societies of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement have equal status as well as share equal duties and responsibilities to helping those in distress worldwide.

Voluntary Service

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is a voluntary movement. Each society is not prompt in a manner of desire for profit or personal gain.